Real Time Operational Intelligence

Real Time Operational Intelligence Programmable Logic Controllers / Real Time Operational Intelligence

TempuTech, Inc has joined the General Electric Remote Monitoring and Mobility team to bring RTOI data directly to your Regional, District, and operational Staff.

Our RTOI (Real Time Operational Intelligence) solution intelligently organizes vast amounts of operational data from across every system and asset in your facility, and puts it all into context for operators and technicians. Delivering KPIs (Key System Performance Indicators) and instructions to the right place, at the right time, in real-time. Operators can remotely respond to proper data alerts, view alarms and take action securely from anywhere, every time they need to.

They can also take notes and collaborate with team members, document action and share information via pictures, KPI data and messages to enable real-time operational intelligent facility-wide in some case s company wide.

Real Time Operational Intelligence



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TempuTech is a technology driven company that provides scalable hardware and software solutions, whether it is a small farm with local bins or large elevator and dryer facilities - TempuTech can design and install a solution that can meet your requirements.

As a developer, manufacturer, and dealer, TempuTech can provide Bin Temperature and Grain Management products for any size facility. TempuTech provides a complete line of Automatic Aeration Control and Hazard or Critical Safety device monitoring, and custom software to assist operators with early warning of belt slowdown and belt alignment situations which helps keep your facility safe and OSHA compliant.

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