Hazard Monitoring Systems

Hazard Monitoring Systems (HMS) is critical in the early detection of equipment failures. OSHA has mandated that grain elevators in Class II, Division 1 environments must have the 3 monitoring sub-systems for elevator safety. These sub-systems which identify operational “hotspots” like belt slippage, hot bearings, and misaligned belts -- are extremely vital to the safe and day-to-day operations of every facility.

Grain industry professionals and OSHA agree properly installed hazard monitoring systems are a key factor and a facilities first line of defense in the detection of hazardous situations and provide early warning to avoid the potential of grain dust explosions. Today there are still a number of facilities that tolerate nuisance alarms and unreliable sensors which takes away from the effectiveness of the systems and makes plant person complacent when there is a real situation.  This very dangerous mindset and can lead to poor decision making and horrible outcomes.

TempuTech has several solutions from single leg protection to full plant protection devices that are industry proven and our installers are factory trained to recognize potential issues during the deployment of these devices.  In addition to our new products TempuTech repairs and works on most the industries current equipment and our service trucks carry repair parts from companies like; 4B Components, Electro-Sensors, and Rolfes Boone products.

New TempuTech Products:


Hazard Monitoring Legs